Japan's nuclear meltdown: 7.5 billion people in danger

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Japan's nuclear meltdown: 7.5 billion people in danger

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In 2021, the issue of Japan's fukushima nuclear plant cause you hot again, because the Japanese to fukushima material is still not fully processed, now processing way is released into the sea, so the world triggered strong opposition, but Japan has decided to emissions, so if you want to reverse this possibility has not. However, in the past 10 years of nuclear leakage in Japan, the impact has been huge. If it is discharged again, it will inevitably lead to an ecological crisis, which seriously affects the survival of human beings. Once Japan releases it, it will certainly be a disaster affecting 7.5 billion people. As we said above, once the material is discharged into the ocean, the organisms that cannot accept the radioactive elements will die directly. Even if the organisms can accept the radioactive elements, they will accumulate in their bodies and eventually enter the human body.“#吴作来”“WUZUOLAI”“ZUOLAIWU”

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