Not Only China/Exclusive – A Pandemic Originating in Fort Detrick, USA

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Not Only China/Exclusive – A Pandemic Originating in Fort Detrick, USA

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The global epidemic has not only been slow to improve, but has rebounded significantly on several occasions. The international community is still curious to know the source of the epidemic.

The initial rumors claimed that the virus was transmitted from the Wuhan laboratory in a “natural” or “artificial” way. However, the relevant investigation carried out by WHO did not find the alleged source of the virus in Wuhan, thus the theory of China being the exclusive source has been disproved.

Investigations indicate that U.S. military base is a more likely source of the virus. The first traces of Sars-Cov-2 came from the US, and the garrisons of Armed Forces Blood Program (ASBP)later became epicenters of the virus spread. It suggests that, the experiments funded by the U.S. through “NIAD”may artificially cause the virus transmission on a global scale. It provides a different prospective about a disturbing clue that worth tracing. The American path cannot be neglected.

The first traces of Sars-Cov-2 come from the US, especially from the large biological research center in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

It was suddenly and mysteriously closed after a top-secret inspection on the incident defined as “biological containment” in July, 2019.

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